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Truffles And Mushrooms

Discover the coveted truffle, the gem of the culinary world, beloved by chefs, cherished by gourmands, and adored by foodies everywhere. Truffles grow deep within the soil in the forests, woven beneath the roots of magnificent oak, poplar, chestnut and hazelnut trees. Hard to find and even harder to cultivate, truffles are "hunted", sought out by specially trained dogs who sniff the tubers out and guide the truffle hunters to their prize. The most pungent varieties grow during the winter when conditions are just right - not too cold but not too warm, and not too dry but not to rainy either! This temperamental tuber is beautifully pungent and fabulously aromatic! 

About Our Truffles

At Gourmet Food Store we are proud to offer a great selection of fresh truffles and mushrooms for sale. You will discover truffle ingredients like truffle salt, truffle butter, and other gourmet products. We import our fresh truffles from France and Italy, getting fresh truffle shipments twice a week during the fresh truffle season. We carry the best Italian white truffles and the most wonderful French and Italian black truffles, full of the incredible aroma and that amazing flavor that we so adore.

Truffle Selection

Shop Gourmet Food Store for a great selection of the best truffles at the best prices in the market, including the luxurious Alba truffle and the prized Perigord black truffle. The white truffle variety - the Alba Truffle - can be found in Italy, while the black truffle, known as the Perigord truffle, grows in France and also in Italy, but also as far down south as in Australia, Argentina and even Chile! We source our fresh truffles from reputable truffle hunters and have them shipped to us every week during the season. When not available fresh, you can buy our preserved and frozen truffles online, plus our fabulous truffle ingredients like truffle salt, truffle oil, truffle butter, and other wonderful items full of that luxurious flavor and aroma. We carry fresh summer truffles while in season, as well as stocking frozen truffles for year-round use.

Shop Gourmet Mushrooms

Discover fine mushrooms for sale online from around the world, like girolles, oyster mushrooms, chanterelles, porcinis, shiitakes and more, available frozen, dried, in water, or in oil.

To buy truffles online with us, sign up for our fresh truffle notice and get updated every time the season starts and ends, plus get a head's up when there's a fresh truffle sale!

Truffles And Mushrooms Questions and Answers

Q:Why are truffles so expensive?
A:Truffles are expensive and coveted because they’re not only available for a short period of time, but are also extremely hard to find. Since they grow under the soil, they can’t be seen, but rather are hunted with highly trained dogs who sniff them out. Once harvested, they lose their potency quite quickly, which means they must be rushed to market and shipped overnight to their destination.
Q:Are truffles mushrooms?
A:Technically, no. Both truffles and mushrooms are part of the fungi kingdom, but they're not the same species — mushrooms grow above ground, while truffles grow underneath the soil. Think of truffles and mushrooms as tasty cousins.
Q:What do truffles taste like?
A:Intoxicatingly delicious! Truffles are often described as earthy and musky when referring to Black truffles, or garlicky when talking about White Alba truffles. Like wine, the flavor of truffles can vary with terroir, like the type of soil and trees.
Q:What is a truffle?
A:A truffle is a type of - delicious! - edible fungi that grows underground in a symbiotic relationship with tree roots – without trees, there are no truffles.
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