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Tea, Jam And Honey

Discover our great variety of gourmet tea and condiments! Everything you need to serve an elegant and delicious afternoon tea you can easily find from among our list of products. All the ingredients needed to sweeten and serve our unrivaled assortment of tea and infusions you’ll find right here at Gourmet Food Store. Sourced from all over the world, we pride ourselves on the curation of the perfect afternoon tea, complete with plates and china. With a wide variety to choose from, browse through our entire selection of tea, jam, and honey below!

All About Tea, Jam, and Honey

Our aromatic and flavorful loose-leaf teas and infusers, sourced from plantations around the world, include popular flavors like Chai, Earl Gray, Jasmine, Green, Black, and the coveted White Tea. For serving your drinks most elegantly, we also have beautiful teapots, teacups, and lovely gift sets. Serve them alongside our selection of delicious honey and honeycomb, like pure lavender honey and intense chestnut honey. And what formal tea is complete without the addition of a little something to eat? To top your biscuits, muffins, and scones, browse through our tantalizing array of fruit jams, French marmalade, and plenty of tasty preserves.

Everyone’s favorite afternoon tradition, tea is the perfect pick me up on a busy day; or a cozy way to end it. And what 'cuppa' is complete without the addition of a little something sweet? We have a wide range of honey from the Mountains of Spain to Italy and France, just the thing to lightly sweeten your tea or drizzle on a scone. The traditional tea table would seem bare without a jar of at least one honey. Jam, too, is a necessity for smearing on crumpets, muffins, and rolls, and we have all kinds. Fruit preserves made in the classic French method, Italian Fig creams, marmalades, and toppings of all kinds, can be found among our gourmet assortment.

But it doesn’t stop at sweeteners. We also carry a wide range of specialty teapots, saucers, cups, and all the various utensils you need to create any good cup of tea! From on-the-go insulated cups, double-walled glasses, and lidded teacups to keep your brew at the perfect temperature to individual silken bags to fill with your own blends of tea, we truly have it all. With a wide range of pots and serving trays, you can achieve any look. From homey and old-fashioned to sleek and modern, you’ll love every one of our tasteful tea service options!

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And don’t forget friends and family, alongside our assortment of sweet condiments and fragrant teas, we offer specially selected items to help you give the gift of a gourmet experience! Beautiful boxes filled to the brim with delicate French butter cookies, Italian thousand flower honey, and silken bags filled with exotic aromatic teas come together to create a truly sensational gift anyone would love.

Whether you run a busy bistro, café, hotel, restaurant or are simply a tea enthusiast yourself, you’ll love the ease and simplicity of ordering everything you need to create the ideal tea right here at Gourmet Food Store. With the click of your finger, you can get a delicious taste of all manner of teas and adjacent products delivered straight to your door. Order today to make your tea time a little sweeter.

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