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Venison Recipes

It’s open season to try out the most flavorful venison recipes! Discover the best ways to cook and savor this delicious meat, no matter the season. Learn how to make an amazing venison chili recipe with our ground venison beef, plus venison meatballs, a juicy venison burger and an incredible venison stew. Our venison recipes were developed by our pro chefs with the most amateur cooks in mind, so you don’t have to be an expert in game meat to enjoy them. Easy and flavorful is the name of this game!
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Venison Tenderloin In Peppercorn Sauce Recipe | Gourmet Food Store
Venison Tenderloin In Peppercorn Sauce Recipe

Naturally tender venison tenderloin is loaded with flavor but light on the fat, which makes it a great candidate for a rich partner like this zesty Peppercorn sauce. The venison is simply seared to get that gorgeous brown crust, and then drizzled with the piquant sauce and topped with some crispy bacon for some added fat. Serve with roasted potatoes, vegetables or a salad and dinner is done!

Venison Stew Recipe | Gourmet Food Store
Venison Stew Recipe

One of the simplest but most delicious dishes out there, this classic hearty venison stew is loaded with veggies, seasonings and the sweet touch of blueberries. This is the perfect recipe for the cooler months, to pair with a crock pot of humble rice, or perhaps just some nice bread to soak all those beautiful juices.

Venison Burgers Recipe | Gourmet Food Store
Venison Burgers Recipe

Time to up the burger game with our all star recipe for flavorful venison burgers. Intensely flavored venison is an ideal burger meat option, the robust flavors standing up to all sorts of herbs and seasonings. The naturally lean meat is also a great, healthier alternative to regular beef.

Venison Chili Recipe | Gourmet Food Store
Venison Chili Recipe

This mouthwatering venison chili recipe is just what your tailgate parties were missing! Lean, hearty venison is cooked to perfection with meaty Italian sausage, the perfect blend of seasonings and just the right amount of heat, compliments of chiles (use your favorite to adjust the heat factor). Serve with sour cream on a bowl with crusty bread. If venison's not your thing, substitute for any other ground meat, like wild boar, bison, or regular beef.

Venison Meatboalls Recipe | Gourmet Food Store
Venison Meatballs Recipe

Tender, lean ground venison meatballs are a perfection addition to a bowl of rice or a simple pasta. The hearty flavor of venison shines in this recipe, with some meaty mushrooms to match and a dash of seasonings like paprika and mustard for extra taste. A bit of cream for ultra lusciousness, and you've got something new and delicious to bring to the table.

Venison Mini Meatloaves Recipe | Gourmet Food Store
Venison Mini Meatloaf Recipe

Lean, flavorful venison meat gets paired with crispy, delicious bacon in this new interpretation of the humble meatloaf. The addition of sausage adds some juicy fat, while some simple seasonings like mustard and Worcestershire sauce adds great flavor depth. Drizzled with a delicious wine sauce, this recipe is the ultimate addition to the weeknight dinner repertoire.

1 - 6 of 6 products
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