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Burger Recipes

Browse all of our burger recipes, succulent wagyu and blue cheese burgers, to unique lamb burgers, to party-ready sliders! Whether you're in the mood for an easy burger or a sophisticated option like our foie gras burger recipe, we've got all your burger needs covered at Gourmet Food Store!
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Grass Fed Bee Burgers With Foie Gras Recipe
Foie Gras Hamburger Recipe
by Liliana Knigin

A great burger starts with great beef: all-natural, grass-fed beef patties, to be precise. But the secret to this all-star burger recipe is in the thick foie gras slices – rich and succulent, it adds a layer of delicious decadence to what would otherwise be a regular backyard burger.

Lamb Burger With Brie & Spicy Sriracha Mayo
Lamb Burger With Brie And Spicy Sriracha Mayo Recipe

Amp up the flavor at your next cookout! This incredible lamb burger recipe is made with flavorful grass-fed New Zealand lamb meat, with a great bold taste and always-juicy texture. Add a spicy Sriracha mayo for zest, a few slices of gooey Brie, and you’ve got the ultimate gourmet burger.

Venison Burgers Recipe | Gourmet Food Store
Venison Burgers Recipe

Time to up the burger game with our all star recipe for flavorful venison burgers. Intensely flavored venison is an ideal burger meat option, the robust flavors standing up to all sorts of herbs and seasonings. The naturally lean meat is also a great, healthier alternative to regular beef.

Wagyu Blue Cheese Sliders Recipe | Gourmet Food Store
Wagyu Beef Blue Cheese Sliders Recipe

Our gourmet version of the classic bar sliders are made with sumptuous Australian Wagyu beef. Superbly marbled, the flavor is butter and the texture is to die for. The beef is mixed with onions and parsley for even more flavor, and topped with crumbled blue cheese, caramelized onion and tasty bacon.

Grilled Provolone Chimichurri Burger Recipe
Grilled Provolone Chimichurri Burger Recipe

In Argentina, thick rounds of provolone cheese are grilled to golden, melted perfection and cut-up and served with toothpicks as appetizers while the rest of the bbq is finished. We took that concept and literally plopped it over a perfect burger, and served it with another South American classic, a spicy chimichurri sauce.

1 - 5 of 5 products
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